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We offer a wide range of treatments from general cleanings to more complex crowns and veneers. Our treatments are planned with a conservative approach and long term benefits in mind. A treatment plan is created after a thorough exam and evaluation, and with a variety of options; Dr. Ocampo considerably presents the different approaches along with suggestions with each patient. Factoring in time, priorities, finances, insurance, and ultimate well-being, a collective decision will always be made for the best possible result.

We gladly welcome many

Insurances including:

​> Delta​

> Aetna​​

> Cigna​​

> Blue Cross​

> Humana

> Healthy Families​

​> & Many Others​

​* We are In network with most insurances.

For any questions regarding your insurance,

you can message us using the "contact" tab.

An insurance company for dental clinics.
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